Your Frequently Asked Questions

To foreign companies & entrepreneurs willing to settle in France

How long it takes to register a branch of a foreign company in France?

What documents do you need to register a branch in France?

Is it hard to close my branch?

About us

Who is Made in Law for?

What are Made in Law’s tenets?

Why incorporate my company with Made in Law?

Online incorporation: How does it work?

Security & Trust

What if I am not happy with the service?

Can I sign my documents online?

General information

Are you ready to create your company with Made in Law?

Why incorporate a company?

When do I need to incorporate my company in France?

Can I create a company in France if I am not a French national?

How long does it take to incorporate my company in France?

What is the corporate form that you recommend for simplicity and efficiency?

What is the difference between a SAS and a SASU?

How to describe my business activity and what is it for?

What is the financial year (“exercice social”) and when does it end for the first year?

What do I need to do after incorporation?

When can I issue my first invoice?

What should I include in my invoice?

What is a craft activity?

What is a regulated activity?

Which formalities do I have to follow for my regulated activity?

The shareholders

How many founders should there be?

Who can invest in a company?

What if a shareholder sells their shares without complying with the partnership agreement or bylaws?

How can one change a director (CEO or C-Level)?

Can a director receive a salary?

How are share capital and control divided among shareholders?

How can a shareholder be excluded?

How does one choose the CEO?

How long does a C-Level executive stay on?

Is a shareholder agreement useful if I am a solo founder?

What do I need to do if I am married?

What happens when an officer leaves?

What is a director or C-Level?

What is included in the shareholder agreement?

Your money

Do I need a bank to incorporate with Made in Law?

About our partnership with French cooperative bank Made in Law

Our partnership with iBanFirst

Is iBanFirst secured?

Can a director receive a financial compensation for their legal mandate?

Can I ask for public or private fundings with Made in Law’s documents?

Do I have to pay taxes if my company does not have any incomes and does not pay any salaries?

How do I open my online current account?

What is the difference between an IBAN payment account and a standard bank account?

What are the advantages of opening an online current account with Made in Law?

What are iBanFirst’s prices?

What is a shareholder current account?

Who is iBanFirst?

Why may non EU residents need to pay additional fees to open an online current account?

Your share capital

How many shares shall I create to start?

How much for the share capital to start with (€1, €2 or €1,000)?

What is the preferential subscription or maintenance right?

Why choose a fixed capital rather than variable?

Your headquarters

What is a domiciliary in France?

Can I change a domiciliary at will?

Can I change the location of the headquarters?

How do I choose my business headquarters?

How does a domiciliary work and how much does it cost?

What information is useful to get a domiciliary (registered address)?

General Meetings

How do I convene a General Meeting?

How do I hold a General Meeting?

What is the advisory board?

When and why do I convene a General Meeting?

Tax & Subsidies

What are the useful information to get ACCRE?

Which tax and VAT regimes should be adopted?

Why should I submit an ACCRE request?

Do I have to register for VAT in France?

Your VAT paperwork

What is VAT?

What is Made in Law’s role?

What are the VAT rates in France?

Do I need to register for VAT in France?


Do I have to register my brand before launching my company?

How can I protect my code, brands, social network accounts?

What is the difference between a company name, trade name and brand?

Nice to have

Online arbitration: how does it work?

What information is useful to get a business insurance quote?

When is a statutory auditor mandatory?

Online arbitration: how much does it cost?

Tag-along & drag-along: what do I need to get started?

What are the clauses included in Made in Law’s bylaws for French SAS or SASU?

Person with Significant Control (PSC)

Who can access the people with significant control register?

What information do I need to fill in order to declare a person with significant control?

People with significant control register: general information

What criminal sanction do I risk if I do not declare the person with significant control of my company?

PSC: What is the deadline for this new administrative procedure?

PSC: What are the fees of this new administrative procedure?

Why has the declaration of PSC been implemented?

What is a person with significant control (PSC)?


What kind of information does the GDPR apply to?

What are the penalties for failing to comply with the GDPR?

How to ensure that your data processing is compliant with GDPR?

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