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About us

Who is Made in Law for?

What are Made in Law’s tenets?

Why incorporate my company with Made in Law?

Online incorporation: How does it work?

Security & Trust

What if I am not happy with the service?

I purchased a service on your website but I would like to amend some elements: is it still possible?

Can I sign my documents online?

What are your information security standards?

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General information

Are you ready to create your company with Made in Law?

Why incorporate a company?

Can I create a company in France if I am not a French national?

What is the corporate form that you recommend for simplicity and efficiency?

Do you immediately file my application for me with the competent tribunal?

When can I start conducting my business and amassing clients?

My company’s certificate of incorporation (Kbis) contains mistakes: what should I do?

How to change my business APE code?

What is the administrative form M0?

What if I want to change my company’s statutes?

How to describe my business activity and what is it for?

The corporate name: what is it? How to choose it?

What is the financial year (“exercice social”) and when does it end for the first year?

What do I need to do after incorporation?

What should I include in my invoice?

How can I obtain my SIREN and SIRET numbers?

What is a valid identity document?

What is a valid proof of address?

Can we challenge a rejection decision of the tribunal?

What is the general waiting time to get the company’s certificate of incorporation?

Your activity

What is a regulated activity?

Is the registration process for craft activities tedious?

What is the orientation training program for craft activities?

What is a craft activity?

What is the official list of craft activities?

How does the registration with the Chambre des métiers work in practice?

The shareholders

How many founders should there be?

Who can invest in a company?

What if a shareholder does not comply with the provisions of the shareholders’ agreement?

How can one change a director (CEO or C-Level)?

Can a director receive a salary?

How are share capital and control divided among shareholders?

What is the role of the President of an SAS?

One of the shareholders is a foreign company: is that an issue?

How long does the term of a corporate mandate in a SAS last?

What is a shareholders’ agreement? Is it always useful?

What matrimonial regime is best suited for the creation of a company?

What happens when a shareholder leaves the company?

What is a director or C-Level?

What is included in the shareholder agreement?

The difference between a person as CEO and a business as CEO

What is the social and fiscal status of the head of an SAS?

Your money

Do I need a bank to incorporate with Made in Law?

About our partnership with French cooperative bank Credit Mutuel

Our partnership with iBanFirst

Can a director receive a financial compensation for their legal mandate?

Can I ask for public or private fundings with Made in Law’s documents?

What is the difference between an IBAN payment account and a standard bank account?

How does the opening of my online current account work with Made in Law?

What is a shareholders’ current account?

Which tax regime should be adopted?

The notary needs to refund me the investment capital on the escrow account, but I don’t have a RIB because my bank is non-European: what should I provide?

Your share capital

How many shares shall I create to start?

How much for the share capital to start with (€1, €2 or €1,000)?

What is the deposit certificate and when do I need it?

What is the preferential subscription or maintenance right?

Why choose a fixed capital rather than variable?

What do I need to be aware of when making the share capital deposit?

Your headquarters

What is a domiciliary in France?

I want to sign a commercial lease agreement before the incorporation of my company: is it possible?

How do I choose my business headquarters?

Your company’s paperwork

Your General Assembly meetings


What is an SARL?

Your People with Significant Control declaration

What is an SCI?

Relocate your company’s headquarters


Do I have to register my brand before launching my company?

How can I protect my code, brands, social network accounts?

What is the difference between a company name, trade name and brand?

Does the choice of a trade name incur additional fees?

Nice to have

Online arbitration: how does it work?

What information is useful to get a business insurance quote?

When is a statutory auditor mandatory?

Tag-along & drag-along: what do I need to get started?

What are the clauses included in Made in Law’s bylaws for French SAS or SASU?


What kind of information does the GDPR apply to?

What are the penalties for failing to comply with the GDPR?

How to ensure that your data processing is compliant with GDPR?

Do I have to comply with GDPR?

Your VAT paperwork

What is VAT?

What is Made in Law’s role?

What is a tax agent?

What is a tax representative?

When and how do I appoint a tax representative in France?

What is the difference between creating a branch without or with permanent establishment in France and in the EU?

What are the distance selling thresholds in Europe?

What documents do you need to register for VAT in Europe?

What are the VAT rates in France?

Do I need to register for VAT in France?

What are “intra-Community acquisitions” and how does this affect VAT?

What is the reverse charge mechanism?

How can I get a VAT refund?

Who is Verico?

What are Verico’s tenets?

How long does it take to obtain a VAT registration in France?

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